Monday, April 19, 2010

What I've been up to..

I have been very busy in blogland lately. What? Oh..right.. Well, not actually busy blogging, but blog surfing, or blog stalking..depends on how you look at it. There are so many talented, inspiring people out there! Beyond that, they actually let you learn, absorb, breathe in just a little bit of that talent. My list of projects, (desktop folder rather) has gone from 10 to about 95 projects "to-do".


It's not that I haven't had anything to write about. Far from it. I actually have so much to write about, I'm going to write it in pictures.

Here's what I've been up to.

1. Trying to figure out this pattern...and failing miserably. I did find out later, that the pattern was I am working on the new one.

2. Baking chocolate chip cookies. I am using the word chip rather loosely here, since I didn't have actual chips, so I used Williams-Sonoma hot chocolate "luscious bittersweet chocolate shavings". Ha.

3. Baking bread - Potato buttermilk rolls to be exact....again I am using the word buttermilk rather loosely also, since we are mainly vegan. I substituted lemon juice and soy milk instead. And WOW! were they good! (even if I did use leftover mashed potatoes to make them)
4. And more bread.
5. Trying new recipes. I had a fridge full of tomatoes, and I needed to do something with them; other than throw them all out after they sat there for another month. So I went to 101 cookbooks (my favorite recipe site), and decided to make Soup. Loads of fun...super easy...and I didn't like it. So I added Morning Star Farms Italian Sausage, some Ragu, and some more spices..... TA DA! and turned it into spaghetti sauce...which I love.

6. Baking more of these. More wheat flour this time.

7. Knitting a soaker.

Since I heard somewhere that seven is a good number, I'll stop there.

I do have other projects in progress, but you can see those in the sidebar.

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